The uhlsport TUBE IT was designed to improve your game and provides you more stability and grip with every move. The interaction of the three components with the TUBE IT socks, the TUBE IT sleeves and the TUBE IT tape means you are ready to take on any opponent!

  • The TUBE IT socks have several features such as an anti-slip zone on the foot soles providing maximum stability in the shoe. Compression in the foot area provides improved fit while also aiding blood circulation.
    The anatomically formed sides of the TUBE IT socks provide additional comfort. Entry into the socks is easier thanks to the flexible ribs at the end which also help hold the shin guard in place.

  • The TUBE IT sleeve replaces normal compression socks by simply being pulled over the TUBE IT socks and the shin guards. The TUBE IT sleeve with net inserts provides better ventilation. Ribbing at the end
    improves flexibility and makes entry easier. The compression socks no longer need to be cut off at the end.

  • The self-adhering TUBE IT tape connects and secures the TUBE IT sock and TUBE IT sleeve in the ankle area, while providing support.

  • Pull on TUBE IT socks and pull the sock shaft over the shinguards....

  • ...pull the TUBE IT sleeve over the socks and shinguards. Smooth the sleeve over the ankle...

  • ...TUBE IT tape is wound several times below the shinguards and over the TUBE IT sleeve...

  • ...cut the TUBE IT tape and press it tight on all sides...

  • ...the TUBE IT system is complete now - ready for kick-off!


TUBE IT Sleeve


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